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Criminal Justice Careers

Meet Your Professional Goals With a Bachelor’s Degree

Law enforcement and criminal justice professionals play a vital role in every community, protecting the vulnerable and keeping people safe. When you earn a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Greenville University, you can get qualified for a variety of rewarding criminal justice careers in fields like corrections, conservation, law, and more.

A bachelor’s degree will help you stand out to employers as a trained professional with the skills to lead. You can also choose to continue your education at the graduate level in law school or other fields.

Paralegals and Legal Assistants


Paralegals and legal assistants work closely with lawyers, assist with casework, and maintain documentation. They might conduct legal research, fact check, summarize reports, or organize files for hearings, trials, and meetings.

Police and Detectives


Police, detectives, and other criminal investigators keep communities safe. They respond to emergency and non-emergency calls, arrest suspects, collect evidence, oversee cases, and testify in court when needed.

Career and salary information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Additional criminal justice careers include:

  • Bailiff
  • Border patrol agent
  • Compliance officer
  • Correctional treatment specialist
  • Conservation officer
  • Fish and game warden
  • Private detective and investigator
  • Probation officer

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Prepare for Leadership Opportunities in Criminal Justice

When you complete this program, you will be able to:

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